WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Self-Imposed "Discipline & Desire" Quality Control

Here's a wintertime WolfieToon that the members of "Discipline And Desire" enjoyed:


And here's one that got as far as this pencil workup, and I leaned back, looked at it, and thought, "AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHHhhhh, uh, No!"  But it is kinda funny, in a perverse, John Kricfalusi kind of way.


Whew, I'm glad nobody saw that!!


  1. congratulations on your blog. it's great and you may be sure that i'll be a regular reader.

    if you add richard windsor to yor blog list i'm sure he'll do the same. he's pretty busy right now but he's ever so niceand is on record as being a fan of yours.

    i wish i could support you by buying a book but $100 is way beyond my invome.i'll bet there great tho.

    you have a wonderfull sense of humor that is a welcome relief from the more serious stuff out there.

    i'm looking forward to loads of fun and i'm sure i'm going to get it.



  2. Thank you very much, Dan! I hope you do enjoy what you see here!

    Yep, Rich is indeed one of the best fellas around, and he and more than a bunch of others are on the list for me to add to the growing blog roll! (Y'know, I just got a holiday blog roll with pecans in the mail! Mmmm!)

    You are so kind to mention the book of the old cartoons, Dan, thank you, but please don't give it a thought! That particular volume is pricey, but your vote of support is extremely appreciated!

    Now, if anyone wants to take a gander, there are some of the black-and-white versions collected in the "WolfieToon Adult Coloring Books!" :-D

    And, of course, everyone gets to see the small version of the new cartoon every Monday at Discipline and Desire's "free peek page"-- this week it's "Christmas Whapping!"-- and also snippets of the salacious new stories!

  3. Great blog and i look forward to seeing more stuff! bill

  4. Thank you, Bill! Not to worry, I'm fulla stuff!

  5. Great stuff, spanking and humor and having fun. I love your work. xoxo

  6. WHEW! She even lost her teeth, now that is wrong, so very wrong.

  7. Why thank you, Veronica! I like the comic YOU have up on your page, too! ;-) And congratulations on making the Chross list regularly!

    Yeah, Michael, I know... You'll NEVER hear, "I'm gonna SPANK your CHOPPERS out!" in any scene, huh?! :-D

  8. Mr.Wolfe, I am so glad I found your blog, I am such a big fan of your work, I have certain artists I never tired of, Waldo, R.Crumb, and of course you, always I find your drawings wonderful, always clever ,always interesting, I will check your blog daily, and I will buying your coloring book, in fact, a few, I know a few brats that will love them, thanks again for all you do, your fan BOB

  9. Holey socks, thank you very much, Bob!!

    I blush that you name me in such illustrious company, and I'm very grateful you're thinking of buying the "coloring book!"

    Say, if you (or the Brats you mentioned) actually color any of the pages (or copies thereof) and have access to a scanner, I'd love to see 'em and post 'em here!

    ¡Gracias, Amigo!

  10. Hiya Dave. Thrilled to see you've got your own blog on the go. Great stuff!

    Even though I typically draw F/M, I'm a big fan of other pairings too and very much of your work. I really like the light and playful touch you bring to your pictures. Great to see you airing some early/ rarely seen toons - more, please!

    Best wishes.


  11. Very kind, Underling, thank you very much!

    Your work shows also shows great humor, a lot of skill, and a deft touch-- nicely done! Plus, you've kept a better handle on perspective than I seem to have done in my older stuff! :-D

    (Maybe I should've used the correct UK spelling, "Humour?" Americans! :-D )

  12. "Excessive paddling force" is a rarely-used cartoon theme, so this was a welcome addition to the few in existence. I could have used this one a few years ago when I was writing my "How to Paddle" article!

  13. LOL!! Yes, Web-Ed, I don't know that I've seen ANY other Excessive Paddling Force 'toon! I'm glad you did that article! Newbies and Old Hands alike need to bare, er, bear in mind how to paddle safely and for the desired results! Thanks!