WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Sunday, December 12, 2010

There's no need to fear! OOOoverbarrel's here!!

My friend Phil "Overbarrel" is the Steven Spielberg of the Poser art world, putting these puppets through paces and puns with a panache I've never seen done anywhere else with that program!  First of all, here's a minor example of his always clever staging:

Next, notice the sensuous textures and lighting here, the subtle twists he gives the figures, and the exquisite expressions!

But best of all-- is his sensahuma!  Overbarrel cartoons are hilarious and horny!  (Or is that "horney?")  Well, anyway, here's one of the opening shots from his 2005 production for Springrose's birthday-- a Tail of the Old West!

That's Wolfie as Wyatt Arf, and Phil as the Old Ager.  The bumfighters square off to see who will win the honor of birthday-spanking Springrose and the rest of the gals at the Long Switch Saloon!  Bat Smackherbum calls Wyatt out, treading across the floorboards with a CLUMP-CHINK!  CLUMP-CHINK!  CLUMP-CHINK!  Wolfie, that, is Wyatt Arf, not having boots and spurs, approaches with a PAD!  PAD!  PAD!

But wait!  Who is that man with no name just lighting his cigar in the corner??!

I love how the redhead automatically throws her hands protectively over her bottom!  And it is indeed Mr. Swingwood who winds up with Springrose over his lap, and then over his shoulder, disappearing up the stairs as she grins giddily!

Now, in the latest Overbarrel show, "Takin' Charge," Clint returns in the role of Ranch Hardin, the new foreman who takes Boss Becky to task, and over his knees!  You can tell this is now the New West, 'cause all the put-upon employees whip out their cell phone cameras!!

Now, If you went to see the latest Harry Potter pic this weekend, here's an Overbarrel creation called, "The Switching Hour!"

And we close with the warmest of season's greetings, the Overbarrel Family Card, 2010!!


  1. phil is indeed a master of his genre.

    where to go to see more???? not semour ct.]

    hopefully full amimation isn't too far away.

    this post should get you chrossed.



  2. I am so glad you have started a blog. I did not know about your Myspace one. I am a luddite, I am afraid.
    I love these pictures too. I did not know about Phil and his work. I am very fond of big strong cowboys (I am sure they would feel fond of me too if only they were to meet me.)

  3. Beautiful, Beautiful art work. Your friend Phil is truly the 'Disney' of the 'spanking enthusiasts' art world. Thank him, from me.

  4. Thank you very much, Doll and Guys! I'm glad you're enjoying these as much as I do, and I'll be certain Phil sees your kind comments!

    Phil's Poser works are displayed at the five Yahoo groups he has; if you don't already have a Yahoo I-D for e-mail and such, it's a simple thing to do, and group #5 is at

    To get to the others, you can follow the links, or just replace that "5" with the numbers "4," "3," "2," or the word "group."

    Poppy, I think you'll especially like the cowboys in "Takin' Charge!"

    Last I heard, there are no plans for Overbarrel Animations... bummer, huh! But one of the really amazing things is Phil first learned "Poser" from a program he got in GERMAN (which he doesn't speak!) from good ol' "Angus Old" at the "Arild's" group!

  5. Phil Overbarrel is a master of his craft. And of course Wolfie would be Wyatt Arf. lol Haven't I also seen you playing poker on velvet?

    Great stuff, Wolfie, thanks. :)

  6. LOL!! Yes, indeed, Michael, I was at the table with Bulldog Drummond and his pals! Thanks, Phil will love seeing your remark!

  7. I so love that halloween pic, the way the tree is pointing and grinning is priceless!

  8. Thanks, Jules, I like that one a lot, too! Phil's characters always have the best expressions, whether they're men, women, trees, wolfies, or smiling bears!!

  9. hi everyone and thanks for all your kind words:D it's nice to know that other folks are enjoying my toons. danversdon, i'm afraid that you'll probably never see any animations from me. Poser is fully capable of doing them but i've never really even tried it. i've seen some really good Poser animations but none where the characters have any clothes on. Poser isn't really set up for spanking scenes and i have to use photoshop to get dresses pulled up or panties pulled down so i think i'll just stick with single pics, as Wolfie mentioned. Poppy, you're welcome to come on over to my toon groups and check out the cowboys and other manly spankers. sixofthebest, thanks for the Kind review but i have a hunch that Walt Disney would have a fit if he saw any of my toons..............LOL. Michael, Wolfie would "indeed" be cast as Wyatt Arf:P thanks for your glowing comments too:D Jules, i'm glad you liked my evil tree. he did seem to be enjoying her distress:D. i appreciate all your comments. as Wolfie mentioned you can join my groups with just a yahoo id and admission is instantaneous. each group will have a folder in the links section that says "other overbarrel's spanking toons groups so you can find all of them. there are now 6 groups as the #5 group is full. i am currently posting my new stuff to the #6 group and here is the link to it; http://groups.yahoo.com/group/overbarrelsspankingtoons6/
    you are all welcome to join and check out or download any pics you wish. thanks to all of you for your comments:D phil