WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Monday, December 20, 2010

There's No Business Like Snow Business!

A wintertime fantasy from "Discipline And Desire" --

And its obvious inspiration:

(Note that "Peter Pan" image belongs to Disney, and I'm only employing it under "fair use" and all that legal jazz!)

Now, my other favorite pixie, who signs herself  "Little Miss Naughty," has said, "I like that Jack Frost cartoon, but wouldn't the heat from her butt melt the snowflakes?"

LOL!  A very good point, Luv... I'm not sure of the physics there, but I suppose he'd just have to try harder!

By the way, thought I'd mention that Wolfie "Howl-A-Day Sale" again!  Of course, I doubt at this point that the the physical stuff would make it through the mail before Christmas Day, depending on where you are, but there are the instant E-Book downloads, or you could make up a little "coming to you" coupon!  Heh heh heh!)


  1. lol aww Wolfie this made me smile, you are definatly my favourite wolf!

  2. Aw, shucks, Darlin' thank YOU! Your smile made my day! I'm glad to see you again, and I really love your logo, with the Disney letters and a bare bottomed Tinker Bell!! Adorable!

  3. Mr.Wolfe, Great toon, it's funny I havent thought of Jack Frost for ages, yet on my way out the door Sunday, I saw on the TV a Christmas Movie starring Martin Short as Jack Frost, I was struck by his makeup really sharp,yet when I saw your version of Jack I was really impressed, the cigar , perfect, and spanking such a lovely bum , GOOD GRAVY! The funny thing is I havent thought of Jack Frost for I dont know how long, yet to see him represented twice in two days , wonderful , thanks again ,your friend BOB

  4. Ha! Thanks, buddy Bob!

    I saw that flick for the first time last year-- Marty sings with (hamana!) Ann-Margret!!

    Glad you liked my version! When I first started drawing, I was gong to make Jack a big, beefy, loading-dock kinda guy, but wasn't liking the results. So I made him skinnier, pointier, and icicley, and that worked!