WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Well, Look What I Came A-Chross!

You saw the post about Phil "Overbarrel's" artwork  here the other day;  I'm delighted now to tell you that Chross has  his annual Christmas images up. and leading the group is Phil's new Santa's Workshop 'toon! 

Naturally, you can see it at Overbarrel's Spanking Toons Yahoo Group #5 , but to stave off carpel tunnel syndrome a bit longer, I'll share the 'toon and Phil's remarks with you here:

"Hi Everyone,

My kids and grandkids all live nearby, so I get to see them every week, and I have been told by many old friends just how lucky I am because theirs are scattered all over the country, and in some cases they are even in other countries.  It seems to me that this separation would be felt the most at Christmas time... and what about our men and women in the military?  They are often separated from their loved ones at Christmas while they are off serving us all over the globe.  It seemed to me that in cases like this one, you would want to send a special card to let them know that you are missing them at Christmas.

As I thought about creating an example of such a card, I started thinking about Springie Hiney.  Her sisters Packin Hiney, Kisma Hiney and Big Red Hiney are 3 of Santa's best helpers and spend every Christmas season at the North Pole, but Springie has other obligations and doesn't usually get to go.  What would cheer Springie up more than a nice pic of Santa and her sisters going about their business, all dressed in their holiday finest, with a personal sentiment written by Santa himself?

The new pic is called 'Missing You at Christmas.'"

Now, you can see Phil's other cheery and cheering Christmas pictures with Santa, the Girls, and that SMILING BEAR over at the Overbarrel Spanking Toon's Groups at YahoOOooooOOOoo, link above, and over to the right!

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