WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Howl-a-day Sale!

Hey, here's an ad for those of you who wrote to me about the Wolfie Books on Lulu!  We came up with something to make your holiday really bright, and I mean glowing!

From now to January 1st, the cartoon collections have a discount you wouldn't believe, 50 to 75 percent!

Pull the crayons outta your striped stocking (hung by the chimney with care, or with Carolyn) and thrill to each of the 50 black-and-white spanking cartoons in the "WolfieToons Adult Coloring Book," NOW a mere $5.00 for the the E-Book download and a piddling $13.41 for a hold-it-in-your-lap, honest-to-goodness paperback! 

But, WAIT!  There's MORE!  You can now cover that embarrassingly naked coffee table and start the most tantalizing conversations with the first ONE HUNDRED, full-color Wolfie cartoons that ever appeared at "Discipline And Desire," and for the best price ever:  "The Wonderful World of Wolfe," NOW for a shocking $12.50 for the E-Book download and an amazing $53.10 for an actual big ol' hefty coffee-table book, with an actual cover drawn to look like leather, sure to inspire lively talk and other pleasurable activity!  We wouldn't even charge this much, but the printing costs are sky-high on this beauty!

 Act now, because there are no operators anywhere nearby!  Follow those links for unique gifts for your partner, for yourself, or for that unfortunate person whose birthday falls on December 24th!  And if you don't-- that's okay, I'll always love you anyway!  :-)


  1. WOW, wonderful deals, Dave, thanks for the heads up. Will make excellent last minute Christmas gifts, or Winter Solstice gifts or even Festivus gifts for under the bare aluminum pole. Let the feats of strength begin! http://www.festivuspoles.com/pages/Festivuspoles.htm

  2. Ok, the link didn't take. Sorry about that.

  3. Thanks very much, Michael! I haven't been pinned yet!!

    For those who missed that Seinfeld holiday discussion, and don't wanna haveta copy and paste, here's Michael's link again, using the hypertextmessup language that works in the Blogger Comments and that I always have to look up to do! :-D

    Festivus Poles!