WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

WolfieToons by Dave Wolfe

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Following 'Toon Is Brought To You In Living Color!

Isn't this a gorgeous bit of color work?  I just got it in the e-mail from Underling!  He used the original pencil drawing, adding the lettering from the ink version!  

I love the subtle shading and highlights, the night colors, her pinked cheeks (above and below!) and her glow!  Thanks very much, Underling!  Splendid job!

Not to be piggy greedy, but I hope U's work inspires more!  :-D  


  1. Wow, thanks Dave!

    You do realise (being an F/M artist) that I've now broken my female spankee cherry, as it were? Or maybe it doesn't count if it's someone else's drawing, or the female in question is a fairy.

    Either way, most of my pictures take me ages - so it was a lot of fun just to play with colour when somebody had done all the hard work up front :).

  2. Rather nice, Underling. Good job, indeed.

    As I'm a cartoonist too, I shall do something, but maybe on another one, as the last I ll' published in a few minutes. A Wolfe's one.

  3. omg I love this its so cute! thanks for sharing this and happy new year wolfie hope its a great one! *hugs*

    oh and btw just bought your e book :)

  4. Getting up off the floor from laughing over "Fairy Cherry" to type, thank you again, Underling! Now while Springrose thought Endart's painting of Catwoman spanking Batman and Robin was a lot funnier that *I* did :-D I have to say I love your humor and skill! Here's to another small country's population surge to your blog!

    Hello, Stan/E, I'm delighted to have fellow cartoonists peeking in, and I'm very eager to see your work, too!

    Howdy, Little Miss Naughty! I thought you might like this one! Thanks for the New Year's card, and the happiest New Year to you, too!

  5. Dave, I live in France, I'm french and my blog speaks about spanking for five years now. I draw as you do, publish books (30 already) but with an other name, of course... I'll send you a link on a mail, if you wish.

    What I draw ?

    Some spanking here. And I often translate yours in french, for my audience who doesn't read english...

  6. Happy New Year, Stan!

    Yes, I would love to find out more about your work! Your cartoons are beautifully done and very entertaining! Their polished professionalism inspires me, and I'm pleased you've taken the trouble to make WolfieToons bilingual! Thank you!

    A great pleasure to meet you!

  7. Oh, and Little Miss Naughty-- thank you again for buying the e-book! I hope it brings you lots of giggles!

  8. I share this pleasure, of course. Many month s ago, I discover your work and I often translate them on my posts, with links, of course...

    By the way, ... Is there any mail adresse to send you a link on my pro blog ? No spanking there, but what I draw, for years...

    Remember english isn't my maternal langage and excuse the syntax...

  9. Not to worry, Stan! I have only admiration and respect for anyone who is bilingual, or, as is common in France, speaks three or more languages!

    I've never worked to become fluent in Spanish, in spite of years and years and YEARS in the southwest U.S., and mangle syntax, verbs, nouns, and any unsuspecting prepositions!

    Thank you for your kind attention, and I hope your readers enjoy my efforts, too!

    My e-mail address (removing the spaces I insert here to prevent unwanted spam robots!) is:

    dwolfeman 2002 @ yahoo . com

  10. Thanks, Stan! I'll send a reply later!